"The colonnades of the Casin"


This is one of the first known paintings by Caillebotte. It represents the main side of the mansion through the foliage.

"Garden at Yerres"


This sketch represents the annex called the "swiss chalet", which was used at the time as a dairy. It as just been renovated and it now houses a classy restaurant for the visitors.

"The billiard"


A billiard was until recently at the same place in the sitting-room opening to the park.

"The park at Yerres"


A program of renovation has  recently been launched, which includes the re-creation of flower baskets as at the time.


Fine Arts Musem, Rennes


The Yerres River bordering the estate has not much changed. With some imagination, one can even recognise the trees painted by Caillebotte.


National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, USA


Caillebotte's wide-angle vision gives the Yerres River a width that it doesn't have. In fact, it is not more than about twenty meters large.


"Europe Bridge"

 Petit Palais, Geneva


... as it is viewed from Rue de Vienne, towards the round-about above the tracks.


"Europe Bridge"

Kimbell Museum,

Fort-Worth, Texas, USA


... as it is viewed from the round-about, towards the Gare Saint-Lazare. The heavy steel structure was taken down in the early 20th century to serve the war efforts. They were replaced by these simple railings. 



"Paris street, rainy day"


Caillebotte observed the Dublin junction from the high end of the  Rue de Turin. The general aspect of the place has not much changed. Still to-date, it is a pharmacy that occupies the corner of the main building in the background and a streetlamp is still marking the center of the image.


    Photos by Claude Guillemet


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